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Emotional Intelligence

with Jennifer

I really enjoyed the class taught by Jennifer Moran. She was very informative and taught the class thoroughly. I learned to recognize and understand other people's opinions and emotions. I also Learned to respect the point of view whether I agree or disagree with them or their decisions...In order to improve ourselves and become better emotionally we must learn to change, and practice new behaviors ...

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Marsha Brown

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HHHunt University

Harry Hunt says “Embrace Education and knowledge and share what you have learned”. This has never been more clear than our HHHunt University program

Many companies have educational programs for their team members but HHHunt University isn’t just about technical skills    It teaches us skills that make us better people   Every class I have attended I have learned life skills that I could immediately share with my team members my superiors or improve my ability to maximize my quality of life or productivity.  At HHHunt one of our core values is to be employee centric and we value knowledge skills and competence. HHHunt University doesn’t just say that’s important to us   It demonstrates that in a very real way 

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Steve Anderson 

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HHHunt University 

We are very fortunate as HHHunt employees to have access to the knowledge expertise in our Human Resource department.  As opposed to everyone heading separately to external training opportunities, we are much more efficient as a company to have us gathered at one meeting that is taught by our own training leaders.  It is also a great way to meet other people in the company.  I have found the content and material presented to be very relevant and necessary to becoming a better HHHunt employee.  

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Hans Klinger

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Emotional Intelligence

with Jennifer

I recently attended the EQ workshop taught by Jennifer Moran. I approached the class a bit skeptical but, came out entirely enlightened about who I am and how impactful my thoughts and actions can be on others in both positive and negative ways. I have no doubt that Jennifer’s ability to comfortably make personal connections with attendees while masterfully delivering the subject matter is what drove my ability to  walk away from the experience feeling better equipped to conduct myself in more positive ways within interpersonal scenarios. I would highly recommend any class or workshop that is taught by Jennifer Moran. Her passion for bettering people through education is visible to anyone that attends one of her courses!

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Robert Chappelle

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Emotional Intelligence

with Jennifer

The Emotional Intelligence class offered by Jennifer Moran is by far my favorite class offered through HHHunt University.  It teaches you how important it is to be in touch with not only your emotions but the ones around you as well.  The skills that you learn in this class can help you be a desirable leader, a team player and a person that everyone wants to be around.  I feel that this class has helped me individually and professionally.

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