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Virtual Workshops

People Management 101

People Management 101

Talent Acquisition

UltiPro Onboarding


During these 1.5 hour virtual labs, Sarah will guide you through live demos, where there will be time for for some hands on UltiPro practice, and time for questions - reinforcing what you learned during your On Demand lessons.

To learn more about People Management 101 and to review 

the quick On Demand lessons            

Virtual Workshops With Sarah McHugh


Beyond the Words

Communication can sometimes get in the way of . . . communication.  Jennifer will share her industry tips and tricks on how to be a strong, passionate and effective communicator who can speak to a variety of audiences across organizational boundaries.

Communicating Better at Work and Beyond

 With Jennifer Moran

Moran, Jennifer_edited.jpg


What do we all need more of? TIME. 

In this virtual workshop, Kenny will explore how time management is different for different people & how time management is not a one-size fits all strategy. How can your personality type influence and enhance your ability to get things done? 

Time Management

With Kenny Holley

Broken-Time-Concept-8706310 (1).jpg
Time Management

Tug of War

Is all conflict unhealthy? Can you grow or even rise above when conflict surrounds you? Have you ever had a conflict you didn't know how to resolve or even where to begin the process of discussing a difficult conversation? Keri will walk you through these and how to better understand what causes you stress and conflict and alternative approaches to managing it better. 

Conflict Management

with Keri Smith

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