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How do I sign up for a class?

It's an easy two step process. After you open the class in the registration link, click the blue "signup" button, and follow the prompts. Then send yourself and your leader an email or calendar invite reminder. For a tutorial on the process click the "How to" link below. 

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Do I need manager approval?

Yes...Collaboration is one of our core Values at HHHunt. So talk to your leader about your upcoming classes. This is a great topic for your next Cme conversation. Your leader can help with travel arrangements if necessary and can help ensure your work area is covered while you are away.


What if I need to travel?

Some classes may be in your neck of the woods, others may be an hour or two away - Either way connect with you leader to discuss the best option for your needs. Mileage reimbursement forms can me found in the resource tab along with other info on company travel. (Hourly team members will be paid for time and mileage while attending class)


What if I need to cancel class?

If you sign up, make the commitment to attend and plan your schedule accordingly. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans...If unforeseen circumstances arise, email and include an approval from your leader to keep everybody in the loop. (Some classes are non- refundable)


Is there a cost? And who pays?

Most classes are free, though some classes have materials or an assessment cost associated. (see course catalog) These costs as well as mileage, travel and meals will be charged to your site. 


How can I add a desktop shortcut

Want to add a registration shortcut to your shared computer? Click the link below to find out how.

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Have Questions? Have a Suggestion?

Send an email to the HHHunt University Team.

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