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An Employee Centered Approach


At HHHunt, we have a Passion for learning.  Our value of Competence means striving for excellence, doing our personal best, and being a life-long learner.  HHHunt University offers our team members the ability to live our value of Competence and provides opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. 


Through the College of Apartment Living, we offer both in-person, instructor led workshops, as well as online learning opportunities, which are specifically geared towards the growth and development of our team members’ in the apartment living industry.  Areas of focus include operational skills, sales and technical skills, personal development, leadership and management and so much more!


Browse the many opportunities offered through our College of Apartment Living and ignite your passion for learning!

"Embrace education and knowlege, then share what you have learned" - Harry H. Hunt, Founder & Chairman

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