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Online Learning - Through "VISION" & Beyond


While instructor led training has its obvious benefits, part of the HHHunt University College of Apartment Living curriculum involves online learning through Vision, our learning management system.  The courses offered through Vision give you access to required and optional training with the flexibility to complete courses from a computer or from a mobile device.  Over 150 courses are offered in English and Spanish covering essential knowledge and skills.

Fair Housing

Fair Housing 1, Fair Housing for Maintenance, Fair Housing II, and Fair Housing refresher courses are part of our core curriculum.  The courses focus on the fundamentals of Fair Housing laws, starting with the Federal Fair Housing Act and continuing through state and local statues and regulations.  Ongoing training provides a review of fair housing laws as well as recent issues and trends in fair housing.  Real-world practice scenarios are used to increase your understanding of fair housing laws.  

Workplace Diversity  

In a diverse workplace, cultural differences can be intimidating.   Part of our core curriculum, this course will show you how to acknowledge, appreciate, and even celebrate diversity in order to form happier, more productive team.  A supervisor version is also available for managers.

Safety Series

This series provides monthly ongoing training for our service team members with short courses that include comprehensive training on safety topics like Protective Gear, Electrical Hazards, Slip and Falls, Back Injury, Heat Protection and much more!  The safety series aligns with our Brand Promises of being Employee Centered and Customer Focused where the safety of our employees and residents is a top priority.

Bed Bugs

This core course is required for all apartment living division team members.  In this course, learn the risks bed bugs pose to the multifamily industry.  You will also discover how to recognize the signs of bed bug activity and learn how to establish a bed bug response plan to inspect for, eliminate, and prevent bed bugs at your community.   Valuable guidance is also provided on handling resident concerns.

Sexual Harassment

Part of our core curriculum, this course covers federal and state anti-harassment law and provides practical strategies for preventing harassing behavior and addressing it if happens to you or others in the workplace.  You’ll also learn how to create a workplace environment where all people are treated with civility and respect.  A supervisor version is required for our managers and refresher course is available to all team members.

Drug Free Workplace

Behind this core course, is the philosophy that every workplace deserves to be free of effects of substance abuse, and this course will help you understand your role in that workplace.  A supervisor version is required for our managers and a refresher course is now available to all team members.

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