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Ken Holley

Using his background in art, photography and entertainment, Ken incorporates his passions to spark conversation and create meaningful learning moments across multiple types of media. His career expands over several industries including entertainment, print media, big-box retail and real estate working his way up from entry-level to leadership positions in each of his fields.

He has over ten years of HR experience with much of that time in the Learning and Development space. Ken is a Certified Coach and has insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential. He is currently the HR Business Partner for a Real Estate Development company and leads Learning and Development programs where he creates content and facilitates workshops up and down the mid-Atlantic on topics including communication, coaching, leadership, diversity and performance Management.

Oh, did we mention that Ken is a member of the Alphabet Mafia? Why does that matter? Well, it means that he’s a bit mischievous, is fairly witty and a little cheeky from time to time. He also considers himself an unofficial Broadway aficionado and a self-proclaimed, above-average home cook.

“Early on in my career I knew I wanted to emulate leaders who knew when to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty and when to step back and let the team work, waiting on the side lines with soap, water and high fives”

Coaching and Feedback Workshop June 2022

Not my most exciting work, but this is the only recordings I own presently

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