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About HHHunt University  

Built upon the education model developed by our Apartment Living division, HHHunt University incorporates the education and training tools to help our team members grow and flourish, both personally and professionally.

Education has always been a top priority at HHHunt and our goal is to create educational opportunities to enhance the skills and overall competencies to develop our team members and ultimately every aspect of our business.

Overall, providing this long term educational and training development positively impacts the lives of our team members and serves as a benefit to our residents and community partners.

Gabrielle Bouknight


AL -Director of Training & Development

Steve Cochran


HR -Director  of Human Resources

Business Partner 

Melony Fuller


Homes - Executive Operations and Training Coordinator


Steve Fritz

University Provost

Chief Operating Officer 

Keri Smith

University Dean

HR - Director of Human Resources

Business Partner and Organizational Development

Kenny Holley

University Associate Dean

 HR  - Programs Manager

Learning and Development  Specialist

Moran, Jennifer_edited.jpg
Stempel, Christine_edited_edited.jpg

Sarah Mchugh


HR - Systems Manager

Jennifer Moran


AL - HHHunt University Faculty Member

Christine Stempel


SL - Senior Director of Quality & Education

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